Who I am

I’m Claudia Dumitru, born in the sixties and moved to Italy for love, in 2000, becoming Claudia Dumitru Paraluppi.
I had been working around the world in the field of tourism and industry, but my dissatisfaction made me understand that the things I was doing weren’t the proper ones to cultivate my need of knowledge and personal growth.
In 2005 I decided to get in touch with the world of the Personal Well-Being by starting an Ayurvedic Training , the knowledge of the laws of life, and also studying the massage Therapy. In 2011 I achieved the MCB Diploma – Head Lifeguard Masseur, released by Lombardy region in Italy.
Going on with my studying, my interest for Ayurveda grew more and more, because I understood how vast and complete was Its approach to the Psycho-Physical Well- being of every single individual.
My Thirst of knowledge didn’t end after achieving the Ayurvedic Operator Diploma in 2008 and the certified Yoga Instructor Diploma in 2013, but stimulated me to study the Oriental disciplines, under the guide of new Masters, in Italy and India.
While in Italy I was elaborating the themes of self knowledge, in my annual journeys to India I studied many disciplines for the Well-Being.
During my journeys I experimented the effectiveness of the relation between Yoga and Ayurveda for meditation, mind clearness, in order to learn new Veda teachings under the guide of Indian Masters and Doctors.

The proposals

My activity?
My need of understanding how to have a full and happy life, in harmony with myself, the others and everything around me.
Year after year, step by step, sorrow after sorrow but much satisfaction, I made treasure of every single thing I had learned during my divulger work.
While traveling and working around the world, I opened my mind and heart, becoming aware of how a hastily life can lead to pain, uneasiness and anger towards the world.
What do I propose to those who want to start this journey towards knowledge?
Well let us know each other!?
I organize many meetings, seminars, conferences, internships and other opportunities to disclose the methods for reaching, with your individual commitment, a state of continuous Well-Being.
The Ayurvedic Treatments that help you to reach your inner emotions.
Yoga lessons to take the first step towards oneself. integrating your mind and body.
Ayurvedic cuisine to nourish with love your body and mind, consistently with the Mediterranean teachings” Mens sana in corpore sano”.
If you don’t care about your Well-Being, who shall do it for you?
Let’s meet and I’ll show you the tools for improving your life, and if you want , I’ll take you to India to get in touch with Ayurveda in his own land ( The Kerala). A magic place made of tribes and ancient cultures which keep the ancient sages alive.
Why do I do all this?
To make you and myself feel better!



You can’t get far by yourself!

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The concept of Swasthi Ayurveda is based on the ancient Ayurveda science which is the call to a simple, essential life  and true life.


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INDSUBRIA UNIVERSITY, School of Medicine, in context of MEE- Medical Education Electives, the course of "Ethnoiatrics and Unconventional medicine"



Experiences with their emotions are like music to your heart!


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